Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. Founded in 1790, it is the home to many famed landmarks of the country, such as the Washington Monument and, most famously, the White House.


Assault Horizon universe

In the aftermath of the failed New Russian Federation uprising of 2015, the eastern United States was attacked by remnants of the air forces of the NRF, led by Colonel Andrei Markov.[1] The city of Miami came under attack in the early hours of January 18, 2016, but was stopped as the Warwolf Squadron of Task Force 108 and the United States Air Force fought off the bulk of the invasion force.[1] The attack in Miami, however, was a distraction from the main assault on Washington, D.C, which was invaded by a second group of New Russian Federation forces sometime after. After chasing a fleeing Markov through the coast of Hollywood,[2] the survivors of Warwolf arrived to the city at 1500hrs, just as a massive battle was raging between the American and NRF forces around the region.[3]

As the situation died down after minutes of fighting, Markov entered Washington in an attempt to launch the last surviving Trinity missile. Bishop pursed Markov through the city as the two exchanged gunfire, and the latter was killed after releasing Trinity. Initially unaware of the weapon's release, Bishop pursued the missile and barely succeeded in shooting it off-course, causing it to land and explode in the nearby Tidal Basin.[3]

Infinity universe

During Operation Eternal Liberation, the USEA Federation attempted to launch an ICBM onto the capital from their Avalon Dam facility in Russia. Task Force 118 launched Operation Point Blanc in order to stop the launch. Soon after the raid, however, one of the ICBMs was already in the air. The task force's best ace Reaper managed to shoot down the missile.[4]



  • In both single-player and multiplayer, the name "Washington, D.C." is misspelled in the radar screen as "Washinton".