Wasteland is mission 8B in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. It is the alternate scenario where more ground forces are allowed to gather at the Kalana Steppes.


We have obtained intelligence that Leasath forces on the Kalana Steppes are increasing by the hour. With the Sachana Air Base in our hands, Leasath has abandoned it's air force dispatch. However the enemy is concentrating ground troops near these ruins and we are starting to see suspicious movement. Ignoring this threat could prove costly later on. It would be best to take action and be rid of this threat once and for all."


Gryphus Squadron is tasked with eliminating the threat to Santa Elva by destroying the enemy forces gathered at the ruins.

With the vast amount of ground targets and only limited air units, this is a chance for attackers to shine if they have not before. Ground-type Special Weapons are good at eliminating multiple grouped units at once like unguided ordinance (FAEB, UGBL, SFFS etc.) or the XAGM (if available). Some of the ground targets will be grouped into files with some of them including fuel cars. Blowing these up will destroy the other targets nearby, useful for saving ammo. If the player finishes Blitz just before this mission, the Hamlet Unit (which plays a role in Time Limit if this mission is bypassed by playing In Pursuit I) will appear after destroying a few of the targets.

After the required amount of points are met, spend the remaining time destroying any remaining units on the map.


The S-Rank is achieved with the completion of the mission

Ace Unit

F-15E Rage - Spawns to the southwest when the timer is at 3 minutes.

Star unit

Vehicle- Spawns to the end of the long road heading north when the timer is left with 1 minute.


Enemy ground forces have been all but wiped out. For the time being we can turn our attention away from the Kalana Steppes and towards more pressing matters. It's good to see you make it back sir.