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Wataru Asano (浅野渉 Asano Wataru) was a Japanese fighter pilot and member of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. He served alongside Nagase as an F-15 pilot in the Golden Eagles squadron based at Komatsu Air Force base and was later transferred to the Joint Test Flying Evaluation Squadron as a test pilot on the ASF-X program.

Despite being relatively older than Nagase, having less flying experience and a break from flying in his career, Asano's flying skills broke the expectations from the members of the squadron and he was able to break some records set by Nagase. Outside of the cockpit, Asano avoided socializing with other members of the squadron and had a very discrete attitude.


  • "Wataru" is a Japanese boys' name that is commonly translated as sail, cruise or flight, while "Asano" is a surname that translates as shallow plain. Historically, the latter has been associated with the Asano clan of feudal Japanese history.


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