For the normal version of this mission, see Weapons Base Assault.

Weapons Base Assault is a more challenging version of the Online Co-Op Mission Weapons Base Assault, featured in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place in Iyuli, Russia.


An enemy weapon manufacturing base in the vicinity of Iyuli, a site we previously raided, has commenced operations again. Analysis of aerial photography indicates that the enemy has already reformed military defenses, and Command has determined that a well planned invasion operation must be initiated as quickly as possible. All pilots should prepare carefully, and then wipe out the weapon manufacturing base and the forces defending it without further delay.



Mission Update[]

HARD Update[]

S Rank[]


E or D Rank[]

While the attack on the enemy facility cannot be called anything resembling a success, some damage was caused to the enemy's defensive capabilities. In light of this, Operations HQ is already planning a repeat mission.

C or B Rank[]

The operation has temporarily halted operation of the enemy facility, but it will soon be running again. Operations HQ is evaluating the requirement for a repeat mission in order to completely destroy their production capabilities.

A Rank[]

The operation was able to partially cripple the production capabilities of the facility. This will likely allow our upcoming operations to go more smoothly.

S Rank[]

Your swift action has once again laid waste to the enemy weapon manufacturing base. It will take them a long time to recover and rebuild again.