"Weapons of Mass Destruction"[b] is the twelfth campaign mission in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must avoid radar detection in order to eliminate the enemy transport squad and keep weapons of mass destruction from reaching Gracemeria.


Garuda Team, I've got some good news. The chemical agent used as a catalyst for their WMD is being transported to our shores from the Estovakian mainland. This catalyst has already been carried into the outskirts of Gracemeria. As a measure of caution against any attempts to destroy it, it has been concealed at Fort Norton in Gracemeria's north. If we start advancing again, the enemy will most likely bring the catalyst into Gracemeria at a faster pace. If in fact weapons of mass destruction are used on the population of Gracemeria, the resulting devastation can't be expressed in enough words. It will lead to unspeakable tragedies. We've used this intelligence to come up with a solid proposal on how to prevent this scorched earth policy from being executed in our capital.

Just a minute ago, we received a letter of approval for our prevention plan from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The proposal we put on the table for our scorched earth prevention policy is really quite simple. While the enemy transport unit is stationed at Fort Norton, we'll ambush them. We like to call it our tactic for pre-emptive victory. The enemy has loaded this catalyst into their transport vehicles and is able to send them into Gracemeria at any time. This plan will be carried out by a handful of our top pilots under absolute secrecy. Fly through Fort Norton's canyon at an extremely low altitude to avoid radar detection, and take out those transport vehicles. We've determined that a high-risk mission of this magnitude could not be executed by anyone other than Garuda Team. We're counting on a flawless execution here.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Talisman and Shamrock are the only two Emmerian planes (aside from AWACS Ghost Eye) in the area when the mission begins, so the Allied Support feature is unavailable. The airspace above the canyon (2000+ feet) is guarded by Estovakian ESM, so the player needs to stay below 2000 feet to take out the convoy. Along the way, there are three communication centers. Each one has a number of tanks, watch towers, and AA guns. Once the player is spotted by one, they have 60 seconds to take out the group before they contact the convoy or the mission is failed. Once the group is taken out, they can move onto the next. There is also a gunboat in between the second and third communication groups, and the player will have 20 seconds to take the ship out before it contacts the convoy. Once the convoy is in sight, the player will have to destroy all of the vehicles and anti-air weaponry. There is no time limit on the convoy, but it must be destroyed before it leaves the combat zone.

After the convoy is destroyed, the player must turn around and exit the combat area. The player is free to go above 2000 feet, and can take out the radar facilities on the return trip, but at certain points, large groups of enemy fighters will appear and engage Garuda Team. The player may return fire, but enemies will constantly respawn and hence must concentrate on returning home. However an entire battalion of fighters shows up at the edge of the map. The player is then ordered to destroy all enemies. After a certain number of planes are downed, Windhover, 2nd Strike Fighter Squadron, Sky Kid, Snake Pit, and other allied planes appear and assist Garuda. The Allied Support gauge is completely filled up immediately, allowing the player to request assistance as normally. The mission is completed once all of the enemy planes are shot down.


  • F-2A "FLYUGER" - When the player reaches the transport unit in the canyon, FLYUGER will approach the player from behind and fire Rocket Launchers, and will continue to pursue the player during the Mission Update.[1]

S Rank

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An S rank on this mission requires earning 27,900 points.[2]


Mission accomplished. The WMD catalyst has been destroyed, and we have evaded the scorched earth threat to Gracemeria. As a result, your suspension has been officially lifted, and from this point on we will be dispatching you into various missions again. This war is almost over. All forces resume advancing. We're about to free Gracemeria once and for all.


  • At approximately 1 minute and 38 seconds, the briefing for this mission is regarded as one of the longest and most drawn-out briefings in all of Ace Combat.
  • In the northeastern corner of the map, the insignia of Project Aces can be found in the ground.
  • While very difficult to pull off, the player can destroy just the first group of targets at the beginning of the canyon and then take out the convoy at the end of the canyon. This requires a lot of speed and a lot of skill, and there's a huge risk of crashing on the canyon's walls.
  • In Hard difficulty, EA-200 radar aircraft will appear among the Estovakian forces.
  • The resident ace stands out from other enemies in the second half of the mission due to his method of attack. Instead of using missiles and guns, Flyuger fires barrages of unguided projectiles, like those from a Rocket Launcher.
  • If aimed correctly, the Allied Support gauge will fill up completely every time it's used due to the number of planes in the mission.


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  2. Neutralizing Weapons of Mass Destruction (大量破壊兵器無力化)