Wellow is a Strangereal continent that shares its name with the Republic of Wellow,[1] a large nation that occupies the entirety of the continent. Wellow is located directly north of the Osean continent and is a permanently neutral nation,[1] akin to Nordennavic.


In 1985, a flight of unidentified aircraft entered the airspace north of the Principality of Belka and was shot down by the Belkan Air Force's Silber Team. No further details are known about this event, but it came to be known as the Wellow Incident;[2] whether Wellow was involved or not remains unclear.

In 2007, Wellow was selected to host the annual G7 Summit, a meeting of the world's most powerful nations to discuss international issues. A neutral, "borderless" area of open water off the coast of Wellow was ultimately chosen as the meeting site. However, the summit was immediately canceled after an attempted terrorist attack occurred in a nearby bay.[1]


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