This article concerns the location. For the mission, see Whiskey Corridor (mission).

Whiskey Corridor is a dry desert valley located in the Kingdom of Erusea, between the Lambert and Amber mountain ranges. The corridor acts as a strategic bottleneck and is one of the few accessible routes through the region.


Whiskey Corridor is one of the few arid regions on the Usean continent. The desert valley experiences little to no precipitation, which could result from its location within the Amber Mountains' rain shadow. Whiskey Corridor's terrain is composed of sand and sun-baked earth, which coupled with the intense heat, can damage fine machinery such as firearms or tanks. The Irsali River[2] once flowed east-west through the valley, but has since dried up after a fragment of Ulysses impacted the river and altered its course. To the west lies Old Anchor Point City,[3] a long-abandoned port that remains as a graveyard of grounded ships.

Goldberg Crater[]

Whiskey Corridor features several impact craters from the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid. Goldberg Crater, near the center of the valley, is one of the largest and most prominent, measuring 8.4 kilometers in diameter.[2] Whereas other craters in the area have been obscured by wind and sand, Goldberg Crater remains as a permanent reminder of Ulysses' destructive power.[1]


Near the end of the Continental War, the ISAF began advancing on Erusean territory. Whiskey Corridor, between the Lambert and Amber mountain ranges, was the safest and fastest route to Erusea's capital, Farbanti. In response, Erusea transformed Whiskey Corridor into its capital's final line of defense. ISAF forces were greatly outnumbered by their Erusean adversaries, making the engagement one of the largest ground campaigns of the war. However, the ISAF tank battalions were supported by friendly aircraft, which included ISAF's ace Mobius 1. Thanks to Mobius 1's assistance, the Erusean resistance was nearly annihilated, allowing the ISAF ground troops to break through the defensive line and advance on Farbanti.[1]



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