Mission 12C - Wild Card is a 3rd mission available for Griswall in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.

How to reach Mission 12C

Mission 12C is a difficult mission to reach. 12C requires the Skylla Unit to reach Griswall, so the player must take the following route:

  1. Mission 8A - Doing so will mean the Skylla Unit go to Mount Nevera to protect the jammer placed there.
  2. Mission 10A - Joint Operation - Eliminates all transports that are transporting MBSRs to Griswall's defense system Meson Cannon.
  3. Mission 9B - A Diversion - The Skylla Unit arrives at Griswall after completes this mission.
  4. Mission 11A - In Pursuit I - Doing this mission is optional, but makes the missile interceptions and regular combat much easier.

Upon finishing the route in that order, the player will see the Skylla Unit icon on Griswall, which means that Mission 12C is available.

The Battle

Mission 12C starts out with a different cutscene than 12A or 12B, with the Aurelian Liberation Corps called from Griswall. What makes 12C unique is that it is not the Aurelians are attacking, it is Leasath ground forces are attacking. Gryphus One along with Ninox Squadron has to destroy the incoming attackers. The ALC cuts the Meson Cannon's power but opened up the Atoms Ring's gates. After destroyed the Leasath ground forces, this is the second thing that makes this mission unique. The Skylla Unit, who arrived at Griswall earlier, used their M270 MLRS rocket launchers to fire a barrage of MGM-140 ATACMS missiles to destroy the capital's defense perimeter and Gryphus One intercepted the missiles. Then the mission will be complete.


  • The name "Wild Card" probably refers to the fact that two unusual things happen during this mission.
  • Mission 12C is probably the second mission where Aurelia actually defends instead of attacking, the first being Mission 1 - Skies of Deception.
  • The Skylla Unit is a elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit, so there is not much known why they actually use long-range artillery.
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