"What an awesome view. Only war pilots like us get to see fireworks in the night sky from this angle."
― Daniel Pollini while patrolling Gracemeria[1]

Windhover Squadron,[2][3] officially the 15th Fighter Squadron,[4][5] is part of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force's 8th Air Division.[4] It is part of Emmeria's Eastern Region Air Defense and is stationed at Gracemeria Air Force Base.[4]

The squadron was led by Daniel Pollini and was named after his callsign. The squadron flew F-16C Fighting Falcons and often worked alongside Warlock Separate Battalion throughout the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


The original 15th Fighter Squadron—comprised of Daniel Pollini and unnamed pilots—participated in the war since the Invasion of Gracemeria. The squadron assisted in preventing the capture of the city, but was forced to retreat after Nimbus missiles wiped out a significant amount of Emmerian aircraft.[5]

Following the retreat to Khesed Island, Pollini would create a new squadron to combat the Estovakian threat.[4] He enlisted the help of Lanner, Saker and a fourth pilot to be a part of his new team. The squadron would go on to be known as Windhover Squadron.[3]

In the closing months of 2015, the squadron participated in multiple operations which ultimately led to the Estovakian military presence on Khesed Island being removed.[6] The squadron would later participate in the Anea landing operation in early 2016.[7]

Selumna Peaks Formation

Windhover Squadron before the Battle of the Selumna Peaks

While on the Anean mainland, the squadron would assist in rescuing a large Emmerian force pinned down near Silvat Town.[8] In the following operation, Windhover Squadron provided air support to Warlock Separate Battalion during the Emmerian push through the Selumna Peaks. However, the operation was halted by another Nimbus missile attack.[9] To deal with the threat of these missiles, the Emmerian Joint Chiefs of Staff devised a plan to destroy the Estovakian Aerial Fleet. This would entail retaking the city of San Loma, as it had the necessary facilities to stage the operation from.[10] Following the liberation of San Loma, the squadron took part in launching an assault on the Aerial Fleet which would result in the P-1112 Aigaion's destruction.[11]

With the threat of Nimbus missiles dealt with, Windhover Squadron would participate in further Emmerian operations inching them closer to their former capital.[12][13] On March 31, 2016, the Emmerians commenced Operation Free Gracemeria and the squadron would be tasked with shooting down enemy ESM aircraft at high altitude.[14]

The night following Gracemeria's liberation, Windhover Squadron took part in patrolling the skies over the city. During the sortie, the Estovakians utilized the Chandelier to strike the city from far off the northern coast. The squadron participated in the defense and was successful in preventing the capital's destruction.[1]

The following day, with numerous Emmerian Air Force squadrons, Windhover Squadron participated in investigating an area near Sonne Island. The squadron came across the Chandelier and assisted in the ensuing battle which resulted in the weapon's destruction.[15]



Windhover Squadron Ortara

Windhover Squadron in-game

  • Although the squadron canonically sported the HISTORIC WINDHOVER livery on their aircraft,[3] this is not represented in Ace Combat 6.[16]
  • The callsigns of this squadron's named pilots are each derived from different species of falcon.
  • Windhover Squadron is the only Emmerian air squadron known to have a female pilot in their team, Lanner being that female pilot.
  • During the liberation of San Loma, Daniel Pollini can be heard saying that Hopman has been hit and that he has bailed out, this "Hopman" could be the callsign or name of the squadron's fourth member.
  • The in-game menus in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation referred to the squadron as the "Windhover air unit". Xbox Live Marketplace descriptions for the F-16C -HISTORIC WINDHOVER- first named it "Windhover Squadron".[2]
    • Ace Combat Infinity later referred to the squadron as "Windhover Squadron" as well.[3]