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"Agh! Whoa! This guy's good!"
Hans Grimm[1]

Wisna Squadron was an ace squadron of the Yuktobanian Air Force. They were stationed at Cruik Fortress, the last line of defense of Cinigrad, the Yuktobanian capital.


It is likely that that the Wisna Squadron was why the Osean Army failed two times in their attempt to captured Cruik Fortress. However, on December 6, 2010, Osea launched Operation Doodlebug, which was a third attack on the fortress supported by the Wardog Squadron. Wisna attempted to stop the attack again, but all aircraft were shot down by Wardog. The Osean Army was successful in taking the fortress. The fate of the pilots are unknown.


  • This squadron appears to have the only enemy female pilot in the entire game. Just after they begin to take off from Cruik's runway, an enemy female voice can be heard saying, "Targeting the Razgriz and the enemy strike craft."
  • The squadron may have survived Operation Doodlebug and participated in the Battle of Sudentor against the Grey Men, as evidenced by[2]:
    • A female Yuke pilot (with a similar voice as the female Wisna pilot) saying, "I never thought I'd be flying with the Razgriz."[note 1]
    • In the Battle of Sudentor, a Yuke pilot mentioned there are three pilot when he saw them last time and now they are four. After the Chopper's death and the join of Snow, the only battle he might saw the Wardog Squadron is Operation Doodlebug.


  1. They are heard if the player waits for a while before flying into the tunnel.