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"...we were also able to obtain data on Erusea's unmanned fighter aircraft, which has long been veiled in secrecy."
Mobius 1's commander following Operation Katina

The X-02 Wyvern,[a] also known as the X-02A, is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed by the Erusean Air and Space Administration. Its striking design is most notable for its variable geometry wings, which fold in at high speeds.

The X-02 is an iconic fictional aircraft in the Ace Combat series, debuting in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and making various appearances since. Its last appearance in Ace Combat Infinity marked the X-02's first console appearance in nearly a decade.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown introduced the X-02S Strike Wyvern as the first variant of the X-02.


The X-02's blueprints

The X-02 Wyvern incorporates an uncommon design with variable geometry technology and a forward-swept wing configuration. As the aircraft gains speed, the forward-swept wings and vertical stabilizers fold inward and downward respectively to reduce air drag, and retract to their neutral position once it slows down. This unconventional design grants it an extreme degree of mobility and the folded wings add a degree of stealth.[2] However, this comes at a cost to the aircraft's armor (which is scaled back to provide such mobility) as well as its fuel capacity.[3] The aircraft is carrier-capable, though is equally capable of taking off from standard airfields.

The X-02 incorporates a weapons bay between the intakes on the underside of the aircraft. This weapons bay is capable of carrying all kinds of special weapons, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, and various bomblet dispensers. The aircraft's standard missiles are launched from downwards retractable holders located on the undersides of each intake. The X-02 is powered by two tri-dimensional thrust vectoring ERG-1000 engines.

The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[2][4]

  • Length: 21.84 m (71.65 ft)
  • Wingspan
    • Outer wings deployed: 18.3 m (60.04 ft)
    • Outer wings stowed: 11.54 m (37.86 ft)
  • Height
    • Outer wings deployed: 4.36 m (14.30 ft)
    • Outer wings stowed: 3.42 m (11.22 ft)
  • Weight: 16,800 kg (37,000 pounds)
  • Engines: 2× ERG-1000[4]
  • Combat radius: 1,050 km (650 miles)
  • Top speed: Mach 2.5 (3,063 km/h; 1,903 mph; 1,654 kn)




In the 1980s, the Erusean Navy began to draw up concept plans for the development of a new combat aircraft. Sometime afterward, the Federal Erusea Air Force requested a new fighter aircraft. In response, Erusea's military decided to modify the Navy's new concept aircraft to also perform fighter duties for the Air Force.[2]

Preliminary blueprints of the new aircraft, known as the "X-02A", were completed on January 22, 1987.[5][6] Erusea's weapons arsenal primarily came from its neighboring countries, so their designs had an indirect influence on the X-02A's design.[2][7]


Over the next 10 years, the X-02A's development had ground to a halt for reasons unknown. After the existence of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid was announced, Erusea—along with most other Usean countries—was solely focused on developing Stonehenge. Erusea would not return to the X-02A project until June 1998, after Stonehenge's completion. At that point, the EASA began development of the aircraft, now known as the X-02 Wyvern.[5]

Development continued until the start of the Continental War in 2003. Erusea planned to use the X-02s for the defending squadron of the captured Stonehenge network, but opposition groups questioned its large development costs when compared to proven conventional aircraft. Development was halted as the controversies went on.[2][4]

The X-02's development was hastily restarted after Stonehenge fell in April 2005, but it was hampered by a lack of funding and supplies due to the war.[2][4] Due to the X-02's unique variable geometry, the Independent State Allied Forces believed that Erusea was developing two different aircraft that were competing with each other.[2][7]

The X-02 was nearly set to enter production by September 2005, but ISAF captured Erusea's capital and ended the war, preventing the aircraft from being used to defend the capital.[2][4] The country continued development regardless, and within one year, at least four and at most six X-02 units were successfully completed. These units were equipped with an experimental UCAV configuration.[8]

Postwar development

In September 2006, the UCAV X-02s were stolen by Free Erusea during their continental uprising. They were used as a last resort during Mobius 1's attack on Free Erusea's base, a White Valley arms factory, but they were destroyed by the ace pilot.[8]

Under unknown circumstances, the Federation of Central Usea recovered the X-02's design blueprints. They produced a small number of test units of the aircraft, which caught the attention of international corporations.[9][10] One such company was Gründer Industries, who also produced at least one X-02 using their cost-cutting development techniques. This X-02 was sent to the Yuktobanian Air Force,[11] but it was later shot down over Osean territory. The pilot managed to eject.[12] The aircraft's remains were handed to the mechanics at Sand Island Air Force Base.[13]

A year after the Circum-Pacific War ended, an X-02 flew alongside an ADF-01 FALKEN and an ADFX-01 Morgan over November International Stadium in its first airshow since the war.[14]

X-02S development

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Infinity universe

In the Infinity universe, the X-02 was developed by an unknown country.[15] Its blueprints were later added to Wernher and Noah Enterprises's Advanced Automated Aviation Plant, including a variant used by an ace pilot to win countless wars by living "the way of the knight."[16]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

"An air superiority/multirole fighter developed by a certain country.
It features special variable wings which adjust according to speed. The forward swept wing configuration allows it to demonstrate unparalleled combat abilities while its sweptback wing configuration gives it access to supercruise and stealth abilities.
The extreme visual differences between the wing configurations has often made people believe that there are 2 different aircraft. Its nickname is "Wyvern"."

How to Unlock

The X-02 is available through the Aircraft Tree.
Stats and Prices Lv.1-10
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
1 800 B C+ C+ B C D 698,320
2 845 B+ B B B C+ D+ 59,860
3 890 B+ B+ B B+ C+ C 104,750
4 935 A A B+ B+ B C+ 139,670
5 980 A+ A A B+ B B 209,500
6 1025 A+ A+ A A B B+ 623,500
7 1070 S S A A B+ A+ 414,010
8 1115 S S A A+ B+ S 603,550
9 1160 S+ S+ A+ A+ B+ S+ 823,020
10 1205 S+ S+ A+ A+ A S+ 1,197,120
Stats and Prices Lv.11-20
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
11 1252 S+ S+ A+ A+ A S+ 2,593,760
12 1299 S+ S+ S S A S+ 4,788,480
13 1346 S+ S+ S S A S+ 7,631,640
14 1393 S+ S+ S+ S A S++ 11,821,560
15 1440 S+ S+ S+ S A+ S++ 15,462,800
16 1551 S++ S+ S+ S+ A+ S++ 20,575,500
17 1613 S++ S+ S+ S+ A+ S++ 23,493,480
18 1675 S++ S+ S+ S+ A+ S++ 26,436,400
19 1737 S++ S+ S+ S+ S S++ 33,793,700
20 1799 S++ S+ S+ S+ S S+++ 42,597,520

Credit Price Calculator
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Weapon Ammo Lv.1-10
1 618 128 24
2 701 130 30
3 784 132 36
4 867 134 42 16
5 950 136 46 18
6 1016 138 50 20
7 1083 140 54 22 24
8 1149 142 58 24 26
9 1216 144 62 26 28
10 1283 146 66 28 30
Weapon Ammo Lv.11-20
11 1349 150 68 29 31
12 1415 154 70 30 32
13 1482 158 72 31 33
14 1548 162 74 32 34
15 1615 166 78 34 36
16 1681 168 80 35 37
17 1748 170 82 36 38
18 1814 172 84 37 39
19 1881 174 86 38 40
20 1948 176 90 40 42

Part Slots
These are the minimum / maximum part slots this aircraft carried at the respective levels. Part slots could be added until they reach maximum by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft; see Tuning for more information. A maximum of 7 parts could be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

BODY / Max ARMS / Max MISC / Max
Lv.1-5 35 / 38 35 / 38 35 / 38
Lv.6-14 37 / 40 37 / 40 37 / 40
Lv.15-19 38 / 41 38 / 41 38 / 41
Lv.20 39 / 42 39 / 42 39 / 42

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels unlocked the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: Jack Knife
  • Lv.10: Dragoon
  • Lv.15: Dragon King
  • Lv.20: Dragon Slayer

Skin Galleries


Grey livery with blue tips on vertical stabilizers

X-02 Event Skin 01 Icon.png


Three-tone gray camouflage based on the X-02's Standard livery in Ace Combat Zero



X-02 Event Skin 02 Icon.PNG


Digital gray camouflage based on the X-02's default livery in Ace Combat 04



Ace Combat: Joint Assault

"An aircraft embodying the pinnacle of aerial technology developed by a country with major military power."

How to Unlock

The X-02 is unlocked after completing Special Mission 1: "Operation X". It costs $695,000 to purchase.





  • C1: Default gray with blue stabilizer tips
  • C2: Light blue camouflage with white nose
  • C3: Gray digital camouflage
  • C4: Black and yellow stripes
  • C5: Pink and red with black edges/tips
  • C6: Ghost white with blue frontal stabilizer and wing trim. Knight paint scheme from Ace Combat Zero


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

"A combination of stealth and exceptional agility made possible by its variable geometry wings."

How to Unlock


ACEX Statistics X-02.jpg


  • Engines: Light Engine, Adv. Turbo Engine, Bullet Engine, SCRAMJet Engine, Mercury Engine, Hayabusa Engine
  • Wings: Adv. Trimtab, Extra Airbrake, Air Gripper, Extra Elron, Extra Canard, Thornback Fin, Adv. Actuator, Adv. Balance Tab, Adv. Anti-Balance Tab
  • Armor: Ceramic Armor, RAM Coat, Light Armor, TiAl Armor, Composite Armor
  • Weapons: Destructive Missile, Kinetic Energy Penetration Shell, Long Range Gun, Extra Ammo, Tracker MSSL, Long Range MSSL, High-Speed Ammunition
  • Cockpits: Emergency Auto-Pilot System, Raven, Terra Hammer, Automatic Machine Gun Fire Device, AAM Jammer, Sniper OS, Salamander



  • Aurelia: Air Superiority Gray camouflage
  • Leasath: Light blue camouflage with white nose
  • Special 1: Gray digital camouflage. Unlocked after finishing the campaign on Ace difficulty
  • Special 2: Black and yellow stripes


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

"The pinnacle of Erusian [sic] military aviation technology, the "Wyvern" combines stealth with extraordinary agility, made possible by its unique variable geometry wings."

How To Unlock

The X-02 can be unlocked after completing Campaign mode twice with different Ace Styles. However, if the memory card in slot 1 has an Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies save file, the X-02 will be unlocked after completing Glacial Skies for the first time. Costs 215,000.


  • Speed: 78
  • Mobility: 99
  • Stability: 98
  • Defense: 67
  • Air-to-Air: 94
  • Air-to-Ground: 67



  • Standard: Light blue/gray camouflage pattern
  • Mercenary: Gray/black camouflage
  • Soldier: Light with blue tail trim
  • Knight: Ghost white with blue frontal stabilizer and wing trim
  • Special: ISAF (Without ISAF symbols) Grey digital camouflage with blue frontal edges and white stabilizer tips, unlocked by completing the game on Hard Difficulty


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

"The pinnacle of Erusian [sic] military aviation technology, the "Wyvern" combines stealth with extraordinary agility, made possible by its unique variable geometry wings."

How to Unlock

To unlock the X-02, the player must purchase at least one of every other aircraft in the game (except the ADF-01 FALKEN, which has no effect on the X-02) and then play any mission one time. Costs 39,700 per plane.


  • Speed: 78
  • Mobility: 99
  • Stability: 90
  • Defense: 67
  • Air-to-Air: 94
  • Air-to-Ground: 67



  • OS: Basic gray
  • RZ: Razgriz Squadron black; unlocked after completing Ancient Walls
  • SP: Chartreuse yellow with black horizontal stripes in a desert/tiger camo pattern, based on the F-4E Phantom II's special color in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies; unlocked by completing all 32 missions on Hard difficulty regardless of clear rank[17]
    • Some players have reported that the X-02's SP color is unattainable if they purchase the X-02 after completing all missions on Hard. Others have reported that the SP color is unattainable after failing and retrying a mission they had yet to complete on Hard. Yet other players have reported that neither of the two cases applied to them. To avoid any glitches, players should purchase the X-02 before completing all missions on Hard, and not retry any mission from the game over menu. If the SP color is glitched, there is no way to fix it on that save file, and a new save file must be made to unlock the color.


Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

"A Stealth aircraft built with the latest technology. Boasts total air-to-air and air-to-ground combat capability."

How to Unlock

The X-02 is unlocked after completing two requirements:
The aircraft and the Erusean color scheme cost 1,414,000 credits each.


  • Speed: S
  • Air-to-Air: A
  • Air-to-Ground: B
  • Mobility: S
  • Stability: B
  • Defense: C



  • ISAF: Digital gray camouflage with blue wing trim
  • Erusea: Black body; unlocked after earning S ranks on all missions on Hard difficulty
  • Special: Beige white with EASA tail markings; unlocked after earning S ranks on all missions on Expert difficulty. Costs 1,838,000 credits.



  • Isshin Yabuki designed the X-02 Wyvern using elements of the Su-37 Terminator and YF-23 Black Widow II as inspiration. In a 2004 interview with Softbank Games, he explained that the variable wing geometry was a "surprise design element" and not an inspiration from the Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze series (which he described as "a particular novel").[19]
  • The X-02 in Ace Combat 04 is depicted as carrier-capable, though subsequent depictions show it as taking off from airfields with no carrier capabilities.
  • During the Operation Future Prospect trailer for Ace Combat Infinity, an image of the X-02 is seen in a similar paint scheme to the ADFX-01 -Block1- 1 Star Aircraft.png.[20] This livery was never made available for the X-02 before Infinity shut down in March 2018.
  • Although the X-02s deployed to engage Mobius 1 during Operation Katina had a UCAV configuration, radio chatter can still be heard from enemy pilots.
  • In Ace Combat 04, if you do not have S rank on every mission on hard difficulty, you can still earn the black color scheme if you S rank every mission on expert. You unlock the EASA color scheme along with the black one.


  1. X-02 Wyvern (X-02 ワイバーン), pronounced ex-oh-two why-vern[1]


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