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The X-49 Night Raven was an experimental demonstrator aircraft created by General Resource.


The Night Raven was the product of "Darkness of Enigma", a secret General Resource project that studied information on next-generation aircraft and advanced pilot-vehicle neural connection. DOE lasted from 2028 to 2033, and led to the development of an evolved version of the Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface system that was standard issue for aircraft of the era.

A young Rena Hirose was recruited by the company on Abyssal Dision's suggestion, and was used as a test subject for DOE technologies. However, an interview to Rena in 2031 unveiled the Enigma plan to the public eye, and General Resource came under criticism over company ethics. In order to subvert the internal crisis that followed, the chief members of GR ordered the killing of all personnel involved in Enigma, including project leader Yoko Martha Inoue.

Following the cancellation of the project, several engineers involved in DOE abandoned General and joined Neucom Incorporated, bringing some of the data they obtained from GR. Their research was later used to produce the XR-900 Geopelia, a similar-looking combat drone.[1]

The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[1]

  • Width: 30.11m
  • Length: 17.20m
  • Height: 3.82m
  • Weight: 39940 kg
  • Max Speed
    • Japanese Release: 5,068 km/h
    • International Release: 4,693 km/h



In the early days of the armed confrontations between General Resource and Neucom, Rena Hirose and Nemo followed an A/F-117X scout plane to a General Resource Defense Force base at the Hatties Ravine near the Amber Mountains, where a DOE research facility was erected. After entering the ravine, Rena suffered flashbacks of her involvement with the project, and commented on her faint memories of the Night Raven.

On all branches of the simulation, Ouroboros would seize the Night Raven during their uprising, which would be given to a brainwashed Rena on Abyssal Dision's orders. Towards the end of the war, it would be responsible for the destruction of Megafloat, after which she would escape with Dision. Regardless of Nemo's decisions, the X-49 would be destroyed or otherwise disabled in all routes.[1]

Infinity universe

The X-49 was the product of the Darkness of Enigma project, just like the Strangereal version. It was developed by General Resource, and the plans were sold to Wernher and Noah Enterprises for its use among UNF mercenaries.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

"A next-generation aircraft which is the result of "DOE" (Darkness of Enigma), a secret project conducted by General Resource. It features a box wing configuration, a new type of engine and a high output laser weapon. As its nickname (Night Raven) suggests, its appearance on the battlefield is an omen of ill fortune for the enemy.

*The in-game screen display for this aircraft is based on the design from "Ace Combat 3.[sic]"

How to Unlock

The X-49 can be obtained through the Aircraft Tree.

Special Function

Just like the R-101 Delphinus #1, when flying this aircraft, the player's HUD will look similar to the one from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere in all three camera views. The sound effects for locking on and firing a missile are replaced by those from Ace Combat 3. The "Destroyed" display is also replaced by "Bingo" or "Bullseye", complete with the female voice-acted line from Ace Combat 3 for each.
The custom HUD can be disabled through the in-mission Pause menu.[2]
Stats and Prices Lv.1-10
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
1 850 C+ B B B C+ D+ 7,989,940
2 901 B B B+ B+ C+ C 5,468,400
3 952 B+ B+ B+ B+ B C 6,683,600
4 1003 B+ A A A B B 7,595,000
5 1054 A A A A B A 10,633,000
6 1105 A+ A+ A+ A B A+ 20,658,400
7 1156 A+ S A+ A+ B+ S 10,329,200
8 1207 S S A+ A+ A S+ 11,544,400
9 1258 S S+ S A+ A S+ 12,152,000
10 1309 S+ S+ S A+ A S+ 13,063,400
Stats and Prices Lv.11-20
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
11 1362 S+ S+ S A+ A S+ 13,974,800
12 1415 S+ S+ S+ S A S++ 16,101,400
13 1468 S+ S+ S+ S A S++ 17,316,600
14 1521 S+ S+ S+ S A+ S++ 18,835,600
  • Lv. Cap Increase Request Forms were required to unlock and each level afterward, one per level. Credits and research were also required for each level as usual.Expression error: Unrecognised word "no".

Credit Price Calculator
The calculator is not available on the mobile version of the wiki.

Weapon Ammo Lv.1-10
1 520 136 4
2 590 138 6
3 660 140 8
4 730 142 9 20
5 800 144 10 22
6 856 146 11 24
7 912 148 12 26 26
8 968 150 13 28 28
9 1024 152 14 29 29
10 1080 154 15 30 30
Weapon Ammo Lv.11-20
11 1136 158 16 31 31
12 1192 162 17 32 32
13 1248 166 18 33 33
14 1304 170 19 34 34

Part Slots
These are the minimum / maximum part slots this aircraft carried at the respective levels. Part slots could be added until they reach maximum by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft; see Tuning for more information. A maximum of 7 parts could be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

BODY / Max ARMS / Max MISC / Max
Lv.1-5 38 / 38 37 / 38 36 / 38
Lv.6-14 40 / 40 39 / 40 38 / 40
Lv.15-19 41 / 41 40 / 41 39 / 41
Lv.20 42 / 42 41 / 42 40 / 42

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels unlocked the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: Nevermore
  • Lv.10: '
  • Lv.15: '
  • Lv.20:  


  • Default: Black body


Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

How to Unlock

  • Japanese version: Use the 'deadcopy' savefile found in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Direct Audio/AppenDisc.
  • International version: Complete all mission with an A rank on Normal or harder difficulty.


  • Power: Very High
  • Mobility: Very High
  • Stability: Low
  • Armor: Very High
  • Attack: Very High




  • The X-49 Night Raven bears resemblance to Ace Combat: Joint Assault's Spiridus due to its unusual wing design.
  • The XR-900 Geopelia and the X-49 Night Raven are extremely comparable in both appearance and statistics. In the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3, both aircraft are listed with the same maximum speed of 5,068 km/h.
  • In Ace Combat 3, once the aircraft surpasses 3,920 km/h, it will start vibrating violently (but not enough to shake it apart), probably a warning for Nemo to slow down, as in the Su-43, RF-12A2 Blackbird II, XR-900 and UI-4054. This could also possibly indicate that the plane is approaching hypersonic speed (Mach 5+).
  • In the export version of Ace Combat 3, the X-49 is manned by a rogue artificial intelligence.


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