The XC-01 is a transport aircraft operated by the Leasath Air Force.


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The XC-01 is a tactical transport aircraft. The XC-01 is not entirely defenseless, as the M.B.S.R. it can carry can be fired out of the cargo bay doors.


During the Aurelian War, 4 XC-01s were seen over Monte Breeze heading towards Griswall to deliver the MBSR. The MBSR is intended to enhance the Meson Cannon powered by the Gaiuss Tower in the middle of the city. The XC-01s carrying the MBSRs for Griswall were all shot down by Gryphus Squadron. For defense, these XC-01's were escorted by fighters such as MiG-31 Foxhounds, Mirage 2000Ds, MiG-29A Fulcrums, and FB-22s.


  • There is a common misconception that the XC-01 can fire a TLS during the missions it is encountered. While the beam does share a remarkably similar appearance, sound, and player damage with the TLS, it is in fact the M.B.S.R. firing on a very low yield, probably on embarked power reserves. Once coupled with the Meson Cannon Array, the M.B.S.R. becomes much more fearsome.
  • Th XC-01 looks somewhat similar in design to the Kawasaki C-2. The C-2 is still in development, and is currently (as of 2015) designated XC-2. It is likely that the XC-01 was intended as a fictional prototype of the XC-2.
  • It is unknown why Project Aces decided to create the KC-01 transport craft when Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception already had a fair share of real transport aircraft to choose from, including the C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster III, and even the massive C-5 Galaxy.



Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (the game itself)

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