The Yak-141 Freestyle is an experimental VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) built by Yakovlev. The second VTOL-capable aircraft to serve in the Soviet military (after the Yak-38 Forger, its precursor), it made its first flight in early March of 1987.

In September 26, 1991, a Yak-141 manned by pilot Vladimir Yakimor performed a hard landing on the carrier Admiral Gorshkov, rupturing the fuel tanks in the process, thus leading to a fire on the ship's deck. Weeks later, the Soviet Navy announced that the Freestyle project had been cancelled due to a lack of funds.

Ace Combat 2

URF Yak-141
In Ace Combat 2, the Yak-141 is a fighter aircraft employed by the Usean Rebel Force. It makes its only appearance in mission #14, "El Dorado", wherein four Freestyles are featured as non-critical targets.
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