"A message to all the Estovakians out there. Don't be too disappointed once we shoot down all your toys!"
― Zed Waters before the Battle of Ragno Fortress[1]

Zed Waters, known also as DJ Zed, was an Emmerian radio host based on the city of Gracemeria. Many Republic of Emmeria Air Force pilots often listened to Zed's broadcasts, even during combat situations.[2]


Waters originally worked at an unspecified radio station in Gracemeria's Novusmeria district, working under the alias of DJ Zed. After the outbreak of the Emmeria-Estovakia War in August 2015, he was removed from his position by Gustav Dvornik's troops, who installed a propaganda broadcaster in his stead. He intended to aid the newly birthed resistance movement by taking a broadcast vehicle known as the "Freedom Fighter" to run the Emmeria Independence Radio, a pirate radio station intended to inform the Emmerian populace of their military's efforts.[2]

Various major events of the Emmerian operations across Anea were monitored by Zed, including the operation at the Selumna Peaks and the siege of Ragno Fortress. The occupants of the Freedom Fighter knew how to hack communications, as evidenced by their hijacking of the Estovakian broadcaster's transmissions during the amphibious landings at the Jamil Desert.

Waters and the Freedom Fighter provided psychological aid to the Emmerian Army during the liberation of Gracemeria, mocking the Estovakian broadcaster after his presumed death. He returned to his radio station after the recapture of the city and held a special broadcast during the postwar celebrations.[2]


  • In "Gracemeria Patrol", Zed makes a casual reference to Gears of War, saying "This one goes to Dominic, serving with a tank battalion. Maria has a little message for ya."