The reverse side of the 2004 quarter zollar coin

The obverse side of the 2004 quarter zollar coin, featuring a bust of President Vincent Harling

The zollar (Ƶ) is the national currency of the Osean Federation.[1]


The zollar is the only known accepted currency in Osea. They are at least used in the branches of Osean military; zollars can be used by squadron leaders to purchase new aircraft.[2]

Only one denomination of physical zollar values is known to exist: the quarter zollar,[1] which has an eponymous face value of Ƶ0.25.


The zollar is known to have been an active currency from 2004 through 2010,[1] though it is likely much older and has existed for much longer.

In 2004, a new series of quarter zollar coins were put into circulation. The obverse ("heads") side featured a bust of newly-elected President Vincent Harling, an inscription of the year 2004, and the legend "TRUTH".[3] The reverse ("tails") side featured the inscriptions "OSEAN FEDERATION" at the top and "QUARTER ZOLLAR" at the bottom.[1]