機械巨鳥 (英語:Arsenal Bird[1][2])是一架可以載高達80架MQ-101無人機的航空母機。歐西亞聯邦有製造最少兩架機械巨鳥去保護軌道電梯。[3][4]


The Arsenal Birds are massive, supposedly unmanned aircraft with the capability to carry up to 80 MQ-101s at one time. When these drones are launched, they are dropped from their holds in the aircraft's wings, flipping over and extending their wings to take flight. Arsenal Birds also launch numerous Air-to-Air Missiles against any hostile aircraft that is within close range. Instead of jet engines, Arsenal Birds utilize large contra-rotating propellers for thrust, which can provide long endurance.[5] The Arsenal Birds have a defensive system that first projects a large halo before generating a force field around them to destroy missiles and other aircraft that are caught in the field.


The Arsenal Birds were developed sometime in the 2010s by the Osean Army to defend and support the International Space Elevator.[3][4] Two aircraft are known to have been deployed, Liberty and Justice, with the former being a prototype and the latter being a production variant.[6]

During the Lighthouse War, following Erusea's capture of the space elevator, the Arsenal Birds fell under their control as well. The Arsenal Bird Liberty was directly used against Osean forces over the Chopinburg Rainforest early in the conflict.[7]



  • The Arsenal Birds were referred to as "FAS" in 2015 promotions for Ace Combat 7.[8][4]
  • An Osean pilot used the nickname "Big Baby Huey" to refer to an Arsenal Bird.
  • The Arsenal Birds resemble the Northrop YB-35 with its flying-wing design and rear-facing contra-rotating propellers.


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